With innovation and reliability as our hallmarks, we are staffed and equipped to support all phases of development, testingĀ and operational deployment of advanced Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems. Growing from our roots as technical field support for imagery stabilization systems, our technical teams now partner with the leading national laboratories, government agencies and aerospace industry leaders to deliver and support the very latest and most successful ISR technologies.

Our team of ISR professionals are engaged in every aspect of Wide-Area Persistent Surveillance (WAPS). Our staff of engineers has over 250 years experience in aerospace engineering. We provide unparalleled support for integration efforts and are responsible for the DESIGN of numerous systems integral to the latest in ISR capabilities. Operationally, we have maintained a stellar reputation for rapid response for systems INTEGRATION and operational support across the world, even in the most austere of operating environments. Our complete approach to ISR capability includes end-to-end service with skilled ANALYSIS services. Our team of IMINT and GEOINT analysts are recognized as the WAPS Subject Matter Experts in the nation's ISR community.


CRI's LodeStar Wide-Area Motion Imagery

CRI in the News:

Nathan Crawford, CRI's president, spoke on "The Emergence of Wide Area Sensing for Secured Cities" as part of a symposium panel discussing innovative solutions to Public Safety issues. He highlighted the use and real-world deployment capabilities of wide area motion imagery (WAMI). CRI and Mr. Crawford are experts in the testing and operational deployment of advanced Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems.

CRI is the world's most experienced team in wide area motion imagery (WAMI) with over 120,000 flight hours of collection (CONUS and OCONUS) during the last decade. We specialize in bringing advanced ISR to the operator in the field. The CRI LodeStar™ System provides market leading performance in a cost-effective system and is available commercially as a turn-key WAMI solution. LodeStar™ provides operators the ability to move both forward and backward in time within a data set, and to track multiple events simultaneously. LodeStar's 16 km2 of color EO imagery can be viewed in near real time by multiple users in multiple locations, and gives decision makers accurate data to make informed decisions. The data can also be used forensically to provide embedded network detection, search and rescue, Pattern of Life analysis and change detection.

LodeStar™ is comparable in size, weight, and power (SWaP) to smaller 15 inch sensor systems currently in use on many fixed wing, helicopter, UAS and aerostat platforms. LodeStar™ systems can be tailored for customer requirements and include an EO 116 Megapixel color sensor, air capture/processing server and a ground processing/dissemination system.

Past News Articles:

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SOFIC 2014

SOFIC We had a great show this year at SOFIC and appreciate all those that attended our brief on CRI LodeStar™ capabilities and offerings. Feel free to contact us if you have any follow on questions or just want to learn more (info@cri.us.com).

CRI at GEOINT 2013

GEOINT 2013 We enjoyed being at GEOINT 2013 and the launch of the CRI LodeStar™ Wide Area System.

CRI Capability Statement